30 January, 2010

Itching to know how my hair looks like frm the back. This is what i do. hahaha.

(i could've just set my camera down and put it on timer to take full back photo of myself)

Red lips!!

7:25 PM

27 January, 2010

I'm only human.

I make mistakes.

I've offended a lot of people in the past.

I can't even remember who or what i did.

But deep down my gut tells me that i've made countless mistakes.

So here's an apology to anyone i've wronged.

Both friend or foe.

But trust me, in my heart i have no foes.

I don't hate anyone.

I used to. Hate one person.

But now i'm just too tired to hate.

I just wanna live a simple happy life.

I hope all of you forgive me.

If i've ever come across as trying to be perfect, forgive me.

Let me assure you. I'm not perfect at all. In fact i suck most of the time.

Thank goodness i have forgiving loved ones who never give up on me.

Let me make a list of my negatives.

(01) I'm temperamental.
(02) Sometimes i say things without considering if it would hurt anyone's feelings.
(03) I hate folding clothes.
(04) I used to go out with guys behind my bf's back.
(05) I used to be a habitual liar.
(06) I have a mole under my chin. -lol-

Number two got me into trouble a lot of times.

Number four. Wow right. And yet dear bf forgave me for all that.
You see how lucky i am to have found him??

And number five omg... I really mean habitual liar. I would even lie about the dumbest things. Mostly to my mom/dad/past bf's..

I'm over that phase though.

Seriously man, my teen years suck bigtime.

I'm sorry mama and ayah for putting you guys through hell during that time.

I hope none of my bro's end up like me.

When i say like me i mean, school dropout struggling to get back in the education wagon.

No eh bro's don't be stupid ah!

Stay in school study hard. Grow up. Get a high paying job. Marry beautiful sexy wife. Buy a big house. And during raya give my future children at least $10 duit raya ok! =p

11:13 PM

21 January, 2010


This is my dad.

This is the only candid of 1st bro(Hafiz) i have. He's the dude dressed in a green baju kurung.

The ever irritating 2nd bro, Haziq.

3rd bro, Syafiq.

And our sweet little babybro!


The cutest camcorder i have ever seen.

(idk why it looks white but it's actually pink)

3:54 PM

17 January, 2010

I wanna learn how to do that!


2:52 AM

01 January, 2010

The pancakes i made the other day.

Pancakes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream some whipped cream and topped with chocolate sauce..


jeles kan kan kan!

My pancakes so soft ok! Like macdonalds pancake! lol!

Gonna make myself a cup of iced milo.

iced milo topped with whipped cream and choco sauce!!!!

i know i'm gonna grow a gigantic pimple with all the chocolate ive been eating. lol


6:04 PM

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