09 May, 2011
Bf is getting more and more attractive.


Or is it just me who thinks so?

Nah. He thinks so too.

Sorry can't think of anything else to blog about and i'm too lazy to upload photos.

Working at Plaza sing now.

Very happy.
To those who know me personally you'll know why i said that.

I'm very happy now. I feel blessed. My life is going on very smoothly.

I'm posting this entry specially for those whom i've not kept in touch with so far.

Old friends, blogmates this is to tell you that i'm doing fine and sorry for not keeping in touch. =)

And me and him we're still great to those who wanna know lah~
5yrs this yr can you believe it.

4:54 PM

09 August, 2010
This blog's dead i know.

Sorry about that. Didn't feel like updating for a while now.

Even forgot i had a blog actually.

Anyway, a lot has happened.

I'm single. Been since for almost a month now.

(The ex is still harassing me on fb but who cares)

Oh, i moved from Ang Mo Kio to my grandma's house in Yishun now.

Even though i hate Yishun the neighborhood is nice.

I get to see babybro everyday!

Anyway here are a bunch of random pictures.

Creepy right! Ada bakat right!!

My bro's new tan. Ahaha~

3:04 PM

23 March, 2010
I love strategy games.

esp tower defense games..

11:25 PM

08 March, 2010



I wanna grow old with you~

8:51 PM

23 February, 2010

I miss bb already................

Ferst day class today. Teacher was kinda cool. hehe

11:00 PM

18 February, 2010

kiddy days..............

i've been feeling so down lately.

I dunno what to do to cheer myself up.

this sucks.

permanent pms i guess..

9:00 PM

04 February, 2010

Couldn't resist. My toilet was so bright that day. Hahaha

Miss dear bb.

I hate it when i miss him like this.

I get so moody u knw. urgh

7:44 PM

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